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Company Secretarial Services

It is a challenge to find a single supplier with Company Secretarial expertise in every jurisdiction. 

Company secretarial duties are different in every country with subtle differences in statutory requirements and dramatic differences in the consequences of non-compliance.  We have researched these challenges extensively. 

The result is a consistent and centrally coordinated service that reduces the risks of non-compliance, increases the economy of scale and eradicates the burdens of performing your own secretarial duties.

Activities in Company Secretarial Services:

  • We shall prepare and submit annual secretarial planner for the calendar year in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 2017 (Act) and the Company’s Articles of Association.
  • We shall prepare all periodical statutory returns under the Companies Act, 2017 (Act) and in accordance with the requirements, as and when necessary, on the basis of information provided to us well within the time frame stipulated in the law and/or the Articles of Association. We shall file these returns online or submit them to the Company for signatures and file the same physically with the Joint Registrar of Companies, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, (Registrar).
  • We shall assist you to maintain statutory books and shall prepare and submit the drafts of the following for your approval as per your requirements, and when in the next meeting the minutes are duly confirmed we shall assist to paste them in relevant Minutes Books:
  1. Notices and Minutes of the Meetings of the Board of Directors.
  2. Notices and Minutes of the General Meetings and other relevant documents.
  • We shall represent you, if so desired and authorised by you, in cases brought up by the Registrar in respect of late or non-filing of any statutory return.
  • We shall provide the Registered office service (with mail handling and without mail handling)
  • We shall provide outsourcing services of Company Secretary and Directorship
  • We shall provide the services for registration with Central Depository Centre [CDC]
  • We shall provide the services for registration of Fund [PF and GF Employees Fund] with registering authority.
  • We shall provide the services for registration with Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry [KCCI].
  • We shall provide the services in connection with registration with Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy [PCP], in case of NPOs.

 Top 10 reasons for outsourcing

  1. Save time Once the routine finance and accounting work is off your hands, you have the time and resources to focus on core activities.
  2. More efficient use of resources Resources which had been tied up are freed for business building, providing you with a competitive edge.
  3. Focus on core activities Outsourcing non-core/fringe activities increases the reliability of your own service provision.
  4. Quality assurance Professional service provision is guaranteed – and you gain access to global expertise and resources.
  5. Cut labor Costs Eliminate the hassle of finding, training and supervising accounting staff.
  6. Reduce risk Ensure compliance with deadlines, eliminating the risk of fines.
  7. Eliminate waste Buy only what you need. Outsourcers bear the cost of accountants, payroll staff and expensive accounting systems and hardware equipment.
  8. Data security Ring-fence confidential information, especially information on salaries.
  9. A close, constructive relationship with the authorities It helps to have personal contacts at the authorities. Give our expert a power of attorney, or use a data box. BDO ensures the accuracy of all documents and when an inspector calls, we can represent you at any institution and inspections.
  10. Outsource the risk Spread the risk that accompanies accounting and payroll - share it with BDO.

What other benefits do you get?

We can help you reduce the cost of your accounts department:

  1. Direct costs such as salaries, incentives, holiday pay, sick pay and social and health insurance deductions.
  2. Indirect costs such as office space, computers, printers, software, hardware and software maintenance and upgrades, rent, electricity, cleaning services, etc.
  3. The hidden costs of employment - hiring & firing, initial training and refresher courses, managerial supervision of bookkeeping and much, much more.